Hi! I’m Kelly, founder and instructor of We Sign Together. I started signing when my first daughter was around six months old, and within a few months she was signing ‘dog’, ‘milk’, ‘more’, and ‘all done.’ We discovered she had an ear infection after she signed ‘hurt,’ and she could easily tell me that she wanted an apple, not a banana.

By 18 months old, my second daughter regularly used 50 signs. She could tell me what she needed or wanted rather than getting frustrated and upset.

We learned to sign with the Baby Signing Time and then Signing Time videos. I love that Signing Time gives us signs and a song for almost any activity, filling the day with music and movement while we put on shoes, check the weather outside, or get ready for bed.

In the spring of 2016, I joined the Signing Time Academy and founded We Sign Together  to share my love of Signing Time with other families. I look forward to signing with you!